Chatbot for E-commerce websites

Our benefits:

  • Bot Integrated with your E-commerce system
  • Based in Google AI. The subscription includes all costs.
  • All system managed under a centralized account.
  • Our developers train bot every week.
  • Weekly report on your email.
  • Dashboard with full report and analytics.
01We create your dream bot with AI

Chatbot for your #Store

With this service, we develop and maintain a chatbot for your store.

We create the main structure for the bot, called intents, we maintain the training with the new phrases provided by your customers and we offer a weekly report of the improvements.

The bot gets more smart week after week, reaching a level similar to a human after some time.

Lastly, we connect the bot to your e-commerce system, Magento, Prestashop, Woocommerce, installing our proprietary plugins. With this connector, the bot can reply to customers, doing queries in the system for example to offer status for an order, offering real-time stock, moving a question to support, amazing not?

Make a try, you have a free trial available!