Chatbot for E-commerce

Artificial intelligence bot for support websites.

Managed service to train and implement a natural language bot that answers your customer replies 24/7.





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249,00 / month

Smart chatbot for your website

We partner with a 3rd party company called Kommunicate that we integrate with Dialogflow, and embed a final solution in any E-commerce system like Magento or Woocommerce. We train the Chatbot and manage all the system on your behalf.
The system is implemented in your site via our propietary plugins that implements our advanced features like order status information via chatbot.
Once installed, your website offers a 24/7 support system with the option to add knowledge base and human takeovers.
We are able to customize this system to offer any special requirement. The basic subscription plan includes up to 5 hours of customization every month, this has a value of 500€.
The main support for this service, is provided for free via ticket system with no limits *.
* Customizations are priced separately. Basic plan includes 5 free hours/month.


Google Cloud

You need a Google Cloud account with billing active and Dialogflow enabled.


The best AI based bot provided by Google. We implement in Kommunicate system.

Kommunicate Grow plan Starts at 5000 bot sessions/month

Enough for most websites. Contact us for plan advise.

100% fully managed

This service provides a fully managed service of smart chatbot for your website, including:

  • Dialogflow setup and weekly training and setting of new intents.
  • We help to set up and manage your Kommunicate account, you need almost grow plan that includes 5000 bot sessions /month. For high traffic websites you can sign-up for the Scale plan.
  • Advanced Integration in any E-commerce or website. For example, allow customers ask their order status and bot replies automatically.
  • Some of the features about Kommunicate Grow Plan :
  • 5 teammates or agents
  • 1 Year chat history
  • Bot and CSAT analytics
  • Whatsapp and Agile CRM integrations. Facebook available in Scale plans.

Human Takeover

At the end of the day, humans are always in control of our software. If a bot fails to answer, you can command control over a conversation.

The bot only alerts agents when needed via various methods

  • Via direct buttons on the chat window
  • Via configuration, enabling auto human takeover when bot can´t reply
  • Via custom payloads on a single intent
  • The agent is notified via e-mail, push notifications on web panel, or mobile App

Admin panel with reports

Manage all conversations in a shared area with push notifications and reports, and forget everything else.

From here on out, it’s just you and the customer – happily connected. Ready to get started?

Apps available for Mobile/Tablet

Manage customer conversation from anywhere.

Get notified about leads, customer messages, and internal team conversations. Ensure a faster response time by communicating with them on the go. Android & iOS versions.

  • Manage group chats
  • Search and initiate conversations
  • Quick Replies
  • Take over from bot
  • User information section
  • Conversation sharing and universal links


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What´s included in the service and differs us from others.

  • We train phrases every week, providing a report via the ticket system.
    We implement an order search system for Magento/Prestashop/Woocommerce. We can provide the desired information to customers via bot.
  • We can implement any custom search in the database and provide replies via the bot.
  • We manage FAQS and integrate into the bot response, just send us a plain CSV as a regular FAQ with questions on the first column and answer in the second.
    If you have HTML FAQS page ever is better because the bot can crawl new questions periodically.
    This can be a static page or use a module like Amasty FAQS. We can also export any data from the database as FAQS, to a custom CSV that Dialogflow may read.
  • Multi-language bot. We work together with your team to create the desired translations in additional languages.
  • Up to 5 hours of customization every month. Additional features need purchase development time or prepaid tickets.
  • 5 teammates or agents are included in the Kommunicate Grow plan.

Pricing, conditions

  • Our service does not include kommunicate or Dialogflow costs, only the management service. We advise starting with Kommunicate Grow plan including 5000 unique sessions/month. Check their website at Kommunicate pricing
  • To start the service, you need a Google Cloud account with billing enabled and a account(Trial should work). Our team will help you to setup those systems.
  • The minimum additional development hour rate including VIP/discounted accounts/prepaid time is 20€/hour.
  • For accounts with payment delayed more than 30 days, we can proceed to take down the account at your sole discretion.