Machine Learning services for E-commerce websites

Our benefits:

  • Solution Integrated in your E-commerce.
  • Proprietary modules for Magento, Prestashop, Woocommerce.
  • Based in Google AI. The subscription includes all costs.
  • Our developers train the ML models frequently.
  • Dashboard with full report and analytics.
01The Era of Machine Learning

AI for boost your #Store

Welcome to the Machine learning Fanclub, do you know what Artificial intelligence algorithms can do for your business?.

A Machine learning algorithm can process millions of rows of data in minutes, and search patterns that a human may take years to discover.

Our service specializes in regression predictions and classification solutions for improving areas of your store like:

  • Advanced Product Recommendations based on customer attributes, like age, the average spent amounts.
  • Smart Spam detection for any content in your site, not only email
  • Create customer segments based on attributes discovered by algorithms. Like, sex, country, age, city, time of purchasing.
  • Calculate the best inversion in Marketing Campaigns, comparing sales vs inversion, and discover the best profit-ratio values.
  • Predict stock requirements for next weeks.