• Admin time restriction

    Magento admin user time restriction plugin.

    To define the hours and days a user can log in to Magento administration. Define worktime for every Admin user.

    195,00 / year
  • Free

    Combined Shipping

    Custom solution to combine existing orders with the current.

    Customers can select unshipped orders in the checkout and merge in one packaging.

  • SOS Inventory Sync

    A plugin to sync E-commerce sites with the remote service at sosinventory.com

    Automate the refreshing of stock status automatically in your store, using the Magento Cronjob.

    195,00 / year
  • Customer Service Follow-up

    Follow all customer comments in one place.

    A system that shows an overview of delayed customer orders to complete as well the last comments from support.

    195,00 / year
  • Easy POS

    Magento POS.

    A plugin for sell from Magento backend, in tablets, mobile devices with an easy interface.

  • Pay Later

    A plugin to allow customers to pay at the end of the month or after x days after the invoice.

    Stimulate sales offering to your customers to get products now and pay later.

    299,00 / year