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Paid Support

The concept of credits

Each pack has a number of credits assigned. Each credit equals to 15 minutes of support.

The pre-paid support credits system allow customer to get rates up to 60% vs the base rate hour for developing purposes.

SLA & ticket priority.

The ticket has different priorities available to choose in the creation, and also when customer browsers ticket list.

This is the max priority with an SLA of 2 hours.

Plase note setting this priority forces to immediate attendance. This cost 2X the single credit price until customer closed the ticket.

This priority has an SLA of 1 day.

The SLA for this priority is 3 days.

Long time SLA. Reply up to 5 days.


Overuse of Critical support ticket will be refused. Think in others customers, too.

To note

Customizations are excluded from SLA. Depending of the complexity of features, it can be up several weeks to get ready.

Creating ticket from your email app.

You can create a ticket sending an email to [email protected]
For security purposes the sender should be registered and verified in our website.

Use the words high, critical, or urgent in the e-mail subject to make the ticket with max priority.

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