Installation of the chatbot

We provide our custom plugins for simple installation of the bot in your website.

Once installed our team will paste a piece of javascript that renders the chat system.

Magento install

You need to go to Stores->Configuration->Dialogflow and insert the javascript code we provide you.

Woocommerce install

You have a link in your navigation bar with the Dialogflow icon, just click on it and paste the javascript code inside.

Panel access

This is the universal link to access to the Web Panel Dashboard Kommunicate

Kommunicate docs

You have an extensive documentation site, please visit
Also you ‘re free to contact [email protected] and make questions about the service.

Mobile Apps





Training of bot, implement new features.

You can create a ticket on our website with your requests and our team will carry all the job for you.
Click here to open Visualwebs Support page

Implementation of WhatsApp

To integrate WhatsApp in the Kommunicate platform, you need to request it on 360Dialog site.
Click here to open the form for Requesting integration for WhatsApp Business API
More information about the complete steps can be found on Kommunicate blog : Integrate WhatsApp Business API
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